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Home Builder SEO: Our Process in Ranking Websites to the Top of the Search Engines


Our Home Builder SEO Process From Ranking Your Business Website To Generating Revenue From The Internet

The Step-by-Step Process We Use To Rank Your Site In The Top Search Results 



Market Research

Market research is not a complicated process. It allows you to evaluate if SEO is going to work for your business. You just take inventory on what you sell, who you sell it to and where you sell it. Also, it gives you an idea of where you are starting from and how tough a road it will be to knock out your competitors.

Once you have completed your market research, grasped a general understanding of the playing field and determined SEO makes sense, you are ready to move to the next step.


Keyword Research

Keyword research will make or break your SEO campaign. From optimizing your website to the anchor text of your backlinks and type of visitors driven to your site all is determined by your keywords. You can lose tons of time and money if you choose the wrong keywords.

Keywords can change as you go deeper into your SEO campaign; however, this quick analysis will help you get to Step 3: Website Optimization.


Website Optimization

You have your base keywords from your research, next we must make your site Google friendly. The objective of optimizing your website is for Google to index your site for your primary keywords. Most people identify SEO as website optimization. Without the right on-page systems in place, anything you do to boost your off-page SEO is sure to fail.

The key to website optimization is to identify the best keyword for each web page on your site. Then optimize each page’s URL, title tag, headers, Meta description, and content. Once you have optimized your website, Google will accurately categorize your site in its index. Next, we must transition from the optimization phase to the authority phase with Link Building.


Link Building

Website optimization covers around 30% of Google’s ranking factors; however, off-site factors make up the remaining 70%, and link building comprises the bulk of it. Many marketers ignore link building, and then they wonder why their clients aren’t ranking in the top search results.

Why are backlinks so important to Google? It’s very easy to stuff keywords on your website and try to manipulate Google. However, receiving links from 3rd party sites are very hard to game. Since it’s difficult to control activities on other websites, Google places a huge priority on backlinks. Plus, the Google search engine is built to retrieve information based on cross-references and associations (links).


Tracking & Reporting

The final step in the process is tracking & monitoring your progress. You have completed your market research and understand the competitive landscape. You have identified keywords your best prospects use to find you. Your website is optimized for these keywords and Google completely understands what your site is all about. You have gone out and created high-quality backlinks on a regular basis. Now is the time to see if your campaign is working.

There are three primary metrics to track throughout your SEO campaign. The first one is the ranking of your keywords. The second is the amount of traffic coming from Google search to your website. The third, and the most significant, is the number of conversions from Google search results.

Why Do Home Builders Need SEO to Grow Their Business?

It’s not enough to have a website to establish an online presence for your Home Builder business. You need to use the right local SEO techniques to optimize your website and generate more organic search traffic to your site and to your business.

The importance of local SEO has increased since Google’s Pigeon update in 2014 and since then, many businesses and marketers have taken full advantage of its benefits. As it’s time consuming and tedious attempting to do all this yourself, here’s why you too need to hire a Home Builder SEO company to help with your website SEO:

1. Local exposure

The main reason local SEO targets the communities in which a home builder works in because becomes a strong marketing tool for small business owners starting their home builder business. Moreover, it is said that Google has recently shown a slight favoritism to newer, smaller and more agile companies.

Google not only ranks sites based on the home builder’s history and authority, but also provides owners with limited financial resources, access to break new ground and compete with the larger builders. Business owners can use the help of free tools Google provides like Analytics and Search Console to increase their local online visibility.

2. Helps build links

Home builder SEO helps build potential partnerships between two business firms by building a link between them and helping them with their social sharing purposes. Consequently, builders get to meet potential local customers who can help grow their business..

These meetings with local fellow small business owners excahnging website links can imapct a home builder’s business positively. This may even lead to the initiation of joint business events or new business ventures which can be used for future profit-making strategies.

3. More people going mobile

An increasing number of people today perform Google searches on mobile devices instead of desktops or laptops. People prefer conducting searches on the go to get immediate results on mobile phones and wearable devices like smart watches and Apple Watches.

This leads to an increase in the number of local business proximity-based searches as local searches are built on hyper-specific locations instead of geographic or neighborhood-specific basis. In fact, wearable devices generate a more relevant network of information while eliminating barriers between the digital and physical worlds.

4. Extended business

With the website being your business’s second address, local SEO will help make it easier for people to interact with your business. A home builder SEO company uses local SEO strategies, making it easy for people to locate, study and update your business webpage with engaging content necessary for future growth of the business.

It’s important that you constantly update your site so that prospective customers get a better idea of the communties, properties and services you have to offer.

5. Generates profit

If implemented properly, SEO techniques can help generate more profit and online exposure for your business by giving your site a better page ranking. With studies proving that more than 75% of local mobile and laptop searches result in offline purchases, it proves that local SEO is very important for your business.

6. Individualized results

With users demanding more individualized results in their searches, local home builder SEO helps produce specific results based on people conducting searches for specific businesses or services in your local market. As long as locals are logged into their Google account, their search history and geographic location affect the type of results they expect to see through their searches.

7. Increased competition

With the creation of millions of new sites and thousands of new businesses popping up every year, the potential search visibility automatically drops in many areas. Business owners thus have to find smaller target niches to achieve the most relevant visibility through search engine optimzation.


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Google Maps Ranking: Our Strategy in Ranking Google

Business Listings in the Top Three (Snack Pack)

Step One.

Claim & Update Your Google Business Listing

Every Home builder business is an entitle to a Google Business Listing. However, many companies don’t claim their listing. The first thing to do is to claim your free listing. Then you must make sure you fill out every field with the most accurate information available. This means the exact name, address and phone number (NAP) of your business must be accurate.

home builder google my business
home builder citations

Step Two.

Build Citations & Directory Listings

Once you have your listing claimed and updated with the most accurate information, you need build citations. These are directory listings and profiles that are scattered throughout the Internet. There are literally thousands of these websites out there where you add you business name, address, phone number and web address. An example of a citation is the

Step Three.

Generate a Consistent Flow of Google Reviews

The most important tool within your Google Business listing is the online reviews section. Not only do more reviews increase the reputation of your business to potential customers, but its also a major ranking signal by Google. It’s important to collect as many reviews as you can to build up your business listing profile..

home builder google reviews
home builder website layout

Step Four.

Optimize Your Business Website for the Locations You Serve.

Yes, your website optimization is connected to your Google Business listing as well. It’s critical to create individual pages on your website that target each town you do business in. This way you can rank for local keywords within each area. If you have offices in other towns, you can create a seprarte Business listing for each office location. Increasing your chances of ranking in the top of the Google Maps and your website in the organic listings as well.

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