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Google PPC Ads: The Ultimate Lead Generation Weapon for Home Builders

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The Power of Google PPC Ads for Home Builders

Google Ads is not only one of the most effective methods of paid online advertising, it is also a powerful marketing tool for generating new leads. With millions of people searching and clicking on Google every single day, Search Engine Marketing offers an enormous opportunity for any home builder. Google Ads gives your business unique access to a multitude of high quality and high-volume traffic sources. It also allows you to target the people who are searching for what you have to offer, in the specific locations that you are offering those services.

Unlike many other marketing strategies, Google Ads allows you to pay only for advertising that people show an interest in (i.e. ads they have clicked on). Once you begin to optimize your Google Ads campaigns, there is real potential to get a high return on investment, which may not be possible to achieve with other marketing channels. However, this does take time and you have to find out what approach suits you and your business. We always recommend a minimum of three months commitment to Google Ads. It is not possible to predict or guarantee when / if a campaign will become successful.

A High-Level Overview of Our Google PPC Process


Keyword Research

We will focus on creating a detailed keyword list to bring relevant traffic to your website. Keyword lists range from 20 – 100’s of keywords. Our team has spent a great amount of time compiling a comprehensive list of lead driving keywords for the home builder market.


Ad Copy Creation

Ad copy is continually tested by running three ads for any given keyword and relevant to the keyword being searched. We test ad copy for a number of the areas including those listed below:

1. Offers
2. Call to action
3. Headline

Our ad copy is not only relevant and compelling, but it is also tailored to your business and follows Google’s best practices. Additionally, we utilize all applicable ad extensions such as: call extensions, sitelinks and callouts. Below is an example of what ads look like on desktop and mobile devices.




Develop Mobile Strategy

Mobile devices form an essential and increasingly significant part of any paid search campaign. More than half of searches are done from a mobile device and that percentage is growing steadily. We will utilize mobile bid adjustments to fully optimize mobile traffic. Mobile ads with “click to call” ability enabled are an essential part of the campaign strategy


Implement Remarketing

Maximizing the value of your Google Ads campaign is essential. To help achieve this, we will implement remarketing in your account. Remarketing enables you to show ads to users who have visited your site for up to 18 months in the future. When people leave your website without buying anything, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices. This often has the effect of increasing calls and sales at very little cost.


Landing Page Construction

A Google Ads campaign is only as good as the landing page to which it is sending traffic.  Even the best built account will fail if it does not have a positive landing page experience.  It is well-known in the marketing industry about the power of landing page optimization and how, if applied correctly, can send conversion rates through the roof. Even if you have the most amazing website in the world, you would sill benefit from a landing page designed specifically for paid search traffic tailored to the ads running in the account.  It is proven to result in superior conversion rates.


Conversion Tracking

Measuring the number of leads or sales received from a Google Ads account is essential to understanding performance and account optimization. This tracking allows us to see which keywords and ads are resulting in leads/conversions. We utilize Google Tag Manager to implement all tracking.

Tracking Types:
• Online Lead Form Submissions
• Phone Calls (from landing page and ads)

How it works:

Online Event Tracking: We track online form submissions by placing a code on the ‘Thank you’ page that a visitor reaches after completing the form. The code then counts everyone who has clicked one of our ads and reaches this ‘Thank you’ page as a conversion.

Phone Call Tracking: We track the calls that our ad campaign has generated using a tracking number on our landing page. We also track searchers that call you directly from our PPC ads.

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