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The Home Builder’s Halo Marketing Blueprint

We have developed a marketing system for home builders that will not only increase your visibility in your local market, generate more leads, more sales, more revenue but also make you ‘The Home Building Authority” in your area.

The 3 Pillars of Our Halo Effect Marketing System

The best method to generate consistent, predictable leads, customers and revenue is to be highly visible in your local market.

There are two classifications of prospective customers you need to target with your marketing. At any given time, 3% of the home builder market are actively shopping for a home builder. I like to call these buyers, The Hunters. They have done their research, made a decision and are now actively hunting for the right home builder.

The second classification represents another 37% of buyers and I call them The Gatherers. Gatherers are starting the information gathering process which will lead them to eventually start shopping for a home builder. These two groups of buyers make up 40% of the home builder market. Your entire lead generation strategy should be focused on these two groups.

Therefore, the question is A) How do I reach the 40% of buyers? B) How do I attract these people to my business?) C) How do I turn them from cold leads to new customers?

The answer is the Halo Effect Marketing System for Home Builders. The Halo Effect is a system that will help you reach the 40% on a consistent basis. It will provide the tools that will predictably attract these buyers to your business. And it will help you turn these leads into new customers.

The Halo Effect Marketing System consists of three supporting pillars:

Attract New Leads

Engage Leads and Customers

Nurture Past Leads and Customers


Attract New Leads- Get in front of prospective customers and drive them to your website

For prospective customers to know who you are and the services you provide, you need to have high visibility in your local market. The challenge here is that the average person has many things going on in their life. Depending on where they are in the buying stage, other things may take precedent over hiring a home builder. Your goal is to remind them you and your services are here when they are ready to pull the trigger.

To do this successfully in today’s digital world, you must set up your website, so it motivates visitors to contact you. Contact can be filling out a form, sending you an email or giving you a call. Your business needs to show up in search results on Google. You need to be on social media adding content that promotes your business. You need to run internet ads to keep leads and past customers interested in your services. You need run email campaigns to people who have given you their contact information in the past. The key here is to pleasantly persistent in keeping your business top of mind. The best way to do that is for your business to be present throughout the Internet.


Engage - Provide information to help prospective customers make a buying decision

Engagement is about getting the right messaging in front of the right prospective customers. You want them to Once you attract prospective customers to your business, you need to provide them value. Value comes in different forms. It’s all dependent on the stage the of the buying process the person is in.

If they are the Hunters, some sort of promotion to get them off the fence and hire you immediately. Some examples are special financing available to qualified buyers. It can be a short video on a home you just finished with a happy customer testimonial at the end.

For the Gatherers, educational information in the form of written content and/or videos that will help them move farther along in their Buyer’s journey. Gatherers are still deliberating whether to build their own home, purchase a pre-built, purchase an existing home or the status quo (do nothing). Some examples of topics that will attract this stage of buyers are the pros and cons of building vs buying, the costs breakdown for custom building your new home, etc.


Nurture- Stay top of mind to past leads and former customers

Unfortunately, not all leads immediately become customers. Even if you close 20% of your leads (which is an excellent cold lead ratio) you have 80% that didn’t. How you handle the other 80% of leads that don’t become customers is the difference between consistent, predictable growth and stagnation.

Even past customers should be engaged so they don’t forget about you. It also helps to keep in touch with past customers to increase your referral business.

Nurturing consists of monthly emails that are educational and informative. Educational emails can talk about various topics on home improvement, home buying trends, etc. The emails can be company related such as awards won, new hires, expansion, new service offerings, recently completed projects, etc.

Regularly staying in front of old leads and past customers will drive incremental growth to your business on a consistent basis. Yet most home builders fail to recognize the gold mine they have in their marketing database.

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